Customize Sad Shad – My version of Grey Ghost (2 pack)


Sad Shad – My version of Grey Ghost (2 pack)

I call this one Sad Shad because the crappie eat it so violently and so often. Overall, I’ve probably caught more crappie on this version of Grey Ghost than on any other jig in my arsenal with the several different custom tail materials. Everyone who has fished with it love it, some won’t even fish any other jig.

This one glows in the dark.

Check other gallery images on this page to see what other tail materials look like. UNLESS YOU CHOOSE DIFFERENT OPTIONS FOR THIS JIG FROM BELOW YOU'LL RECEIVE ONE LIKE IN THE PRIMARY IMAGE DISPLAYED ON THIS PAGE.

I normally tie 1/32 oz. heads with a size 6 hook and the 1/16 oz. heads with a size 4 hook as the default hook sizes. If you order those jig or jighead sizes and don't request different sized hooks, I'll send the jigs with the default hook sizes.

Each of our jigs can be customized according to options you can choose on the product page for that particular jig, resulting in a variety of different variations of that jig which can be ordered. If you don't see an option that you'd like to have available send email with your contact email address, and pictures if necessary to me using the Send Email link in the Navigation Menu at the top of this page, I'll respond ASAP. ~ dandeman

*** If you don't make customization choices below before adding this item to your wishlist or to your shopping cart, the default options showing below on this page will be automatically added to your order, no matter which options are shown in the pictures on this page. ***



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