About Our Jigs

Due to circumstances I had no control
over, my shop has been devastated.
We are not currently taking orders.
Thank you for your understanding!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All jigs offered here are custom hand made from scratch by dandeman. The heads are made by pouring melted lead into a mold with hooks in place. After removing the heads from the mold the molding sprues are cut off. Then the heads are hand dressed, removing any rough edges and left over sprue cut marks so the heads have no out of place edges or out of shape borders.

They are then painted using powder paints for head colors and acrylic paints for eyes. The paints are then oven cured producing a extremely hard and durable painted jighead. Most of our jigs have glow-in-the-dark paint on them, at least a little on the bottom of the head.
The jigs are then carefully hand tied by dandeman using quality materials resulting in a long lasting jig that can catch more than 100 fish and still look good.
If you have a special jig you’d like me to attempt to create or duplicate, send email with your contact email address, and pictures if necessary to me using the link below, I’ll respond ASAP. ~ dandeman. Just keep in mind that each jig tied will most likely not be exactly like any others tied according to the same pattern.

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